Clean Room Equipment: Air Shower,Pass Box,HEPA filter,Fan filter Unit HS Code

AIR SHOWER 8414809090
Dynamic pass box 841480
CLEAN BENCH 8414809090
FAN FILTER UNIT 8414809090   /    8414609090
PASS BOX  732690
HEPA unit 732690
HEPA UNIT 8421999000
Air Shower components 8414909090
CLEAN BOOTH    8414809090    
PRE-FILTER     8421999000
MEDIUM FILTER  8421999000
HEPA FILTER   8421999000
ULPA FILTER  8421999000

Cleanroom Materials
EPS ceiling panel 彩钢板  7326909000
Aluminum U channel    U型槽     ;vh
Al-Alloy circular arc        圆弧  7604210000
Aluminum round molding  圆柱  7604210000
Aluminum U channel U型槽   7604210000
Aluminum T runner T型条  7604210000
Al-Alloy External corner column 角柱  7604210000
Al-Alloy External arc角弧  7604210000
Clean room window 窗料  
Door frame     门料        门把手(金属制)8302410000
拉钉  7318140001 非用于民用航空器维护和修理的自攻螺钉
Silicon sealant 玻璃胶
Door lockset 闭门器
Door closer  门锁
Hinges  合页
sandwich panel slide door平移门
sandwich panel access hole检修门
Al-Alloy transparent window玻璃窗
AL-Alloy Shutter百叶
Steel angle角铁
Gasket 法兰棉
AL-Alloy Shutter 百叶
Electronic Formula 灯
Electronic Formula with emergency device 灯的镇流器
suspension bracket丝杆
turnbuckle 花兰

FAN    离心风机   8414593000
Pressure gage  压差表   9026209090
Positive pressure damper 余压阀   
Proximity sensor  接近传感器
Photoelectricity switch 光电开关/红外感应
Control unit急停开关
Pushbutton and indicators 指示灯
AC Contactor 交流接触器
Pusheng box 保险座
Magnet for front and back door 前/后门磁 
Bolt gun  喷射枪
Bolt gun mouth  喷嘴    8409919940
Fluorescent tube  荧光灯管
Fluorescent fixture荧光灯支架

Anti-static glove 放静电手套    6116930090
Anti-static cloths放静电服(涤纶) 6211339091
Anti-static cap 放静电帽子    65059090
Sticky mat 粘尘垫    39269090
Clean wiper 无尘布      H.S CODE:6307100090


Ceiling HEPA Filter Module 高效一体化

Aluminum separator  铝箔   7607200000
滤纸 Minipleat type  4805400000
白色密封条 4016999000
5603949090   初效棉
39081090     尼龙网

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Prepared by: Vanessa Wang
Skype: wangvanlu

Niece Self-introduction seek professors in English to modify

We are Chinese English,Niece Self-introduction seek professors in English to modify,thank you very much.

Dear judges and guests,(Dear ladies and gentlemen:)
    Hello, everybody!
    The sunshine girl who is active, easy-going, love dancingsinging and watching animation, this is me, Ziyao Zhao, a fifth grade student of Xiulin Primary School ,Shishou City. I am eleven years old, the most obvious feature is the large head and long hair. Since childhood, I grew up in the care of grandmother until I have a lovely younger brother. Although my grandmother went to Guangzhou to take care of my younger brother, but I miss her very much, every time when I take the phone call with her I can’t hold the tears.
    I come from a warm family consisting of my father, my mother and me. They love me very much but never spoil me. In fact, they are very strict towards to me,especially my mother. I have a wide range of hobbies including singing, dancingand skating. My favorite fruits are apple, cherry and banana. However, no one isperfect in this world, I have my shortcomings too. My weakness is that I’m playful,For example, when I watch televisionseveral   hours will past if I am not careful about time, that sometimes cause I would forget homework time, and there doesnot love a nap, so I’ll try my best to correct these habits in order to become a good student. Thank you!


Cleanroom Project

Cleanroom Project

办公室                                Office
包装材料仓库(3门)                      Packaging material storage
成品仓库(3门)                      finished store
外包装车间(5门)                      Packaging workshop
换鞋间(2门)                         Shoes Changing Room
茶水间                             Tea Room
一次更衣室(男性)                   The first Dressing Room (Male)
一次更衣室(女性)                  The first Dressing Room (Female)
二次更衣室(男性)                    The second Dressing Room (Male)
二次更衣室(女性)                    The second Dressing Room (Female)
手消毒间                            Hand Disinfection Room
风淋室                                Air Shower Room
洁净走廊(3门)                       Cleaning Corridor(3doors)
洁具间(2门)                         Tools Cleaning Room(2doors)
容器消毒间(2门)                     vessel Disinfection Room(2doors)
容器清洁间(2门)                     vessel Cleaning Room(2doors)
灌装车间(4门)                       bottling department(4doors)
静置车间(5门)                      Standing Room(5doors)
乳化车间(4门)                       Emulsion Workshop(4doors)
称量间(2门)                         Materials Dispensing Room(2doors)
拆包间(2门)                        Unpacked Room(2doors)
货淋室(2门)                        Goods Air Shower Room(2doors)
原料仓库                             material warehouse
瓶材暂存间(2门)                     Bottle material temporarily holding room(2doors)
灭菌间(2门)                         Sterilization room2doors
洁瓶间(2门)                         Bottle Clean room(2doors)
中间检验室                                The middle inspection room
一次更衣室                               The first Dressing Room
二次更衣室                                The second Dressing Room
微生物检验室                              Microbiology Testing Room
紫外线消毒室                        UV disinfection chamber
监控室                             monitoring room
参观走廊                             Viewing Corridor
配电房                               Power Distribution Room
空调机房                         Air Conditioning Facilities
锅炉房                               boiler room
纯水处理房                            Water treatment room

传递口(4门)                         Pass Through(4doors)

Plant scale evaluation form

                                                      Plant scale evaluation form (1) – production capacity assessment
- Note: the factory according to their own situation, choose plant size evaluation form ( 1 ) / ( 2 ) one of which can be filled when the factory can not provide financial documents to confirm the size of the factory proved , the auditor should use this factory recommended methods for evaluation.
- The auditor must clearly explain to the factory to use this table, and afterwards as factory disagrees with the results of the assessment should be modified only by formal financial documents to prove to the TÜV.
- Capacity assessment form based on actual production or product production capacity to fill the last year of the factory by the manufacturer , in an audit , the auditor checks should be required , the manufacturer is obliged to provide the relevant production records ( eg : production of certain products monthly statistics report ) to prove the authenticity of the filled contents.
- If the capacity of the following claims in doubt, but the factory can not provide sufficient proof, TÜV and GMC audit staff reserves the right to specify the capacity suspicious in the report.
Monthly peak season monthly production capacity X = the average unit price was estimated peak monthly production capacity = X 12 (The number of rows in this table is not enough to fill your own increase attached.)
Monthly output of the season (pieces or sets )
An annual month of the season
Unit Price RMB
Peak monthly production capacity RMB
Estimated production capacity RMB

200 thousand Yuan
500 thousand Yuan

1500 PCS
150 thousand Yuan
700 thousand Yuan

150 PCS
120 thousand Yuan
300 thousand Yuan

300 PCS
90 thousand Yuan
400 thousand Yuan
50 PCS
200 thousand Yuan
500 thousand Yuan

2000 PCS
40 thousand Yuan
400 thousand Yuan

2000 PCS
60 thousand Yuan
400 thousand Yuan

15000 PCS
50 thousand Yuan
300 thousand Yuan

12000 PCS
120 thousand Yuan
300 thousand Yuan

50000 PCS
50 thousand Yuan
300 thousand Yuan
4100 thousand Yuan

Which exports estimate (RMB)
700 thousand Yuan

Factory Name : Guangzhou Anlai purification equipment Co., Ltd.
Factory assessor :
( Signature seal)
TÜV auditor :
( Signed )
TÜV auditor opinions :


Quotation Sheet about HVAC Ventilation System V type filter,pleated Prefilter and Pocket air filter cost

HVAC Ventilation System V type filter,pleated Prefilter and Pocket air filter Quotation Sheet.
Prepared by Vanessa Wang

Prodct Ref:
No. Description Unit Qty Unit Price
1 V type filter Medium filter pc 220  
  Size:592*592*292 (W xH x D)      
  Frame: Plastic      
  Air flow:2400CMH      
  No.of packs:4packs      
  Gasket at air outlet side (back of flange)      
  Initial resistance:120pa      
2 V type filter Medium filter pc 180
  Size:592*287*292 (W xH x D)      
  Frame: Plastic      
  Air flow:1500CMH      
  No.of packs:4packs      
  Gasket at air outlet side (back of flange)      
  Initial resistance:120pa      
3 Pleated Prefilter pc 550  
  Size:592*592*46mm (W xH x D)      
  Frame: Cardboard      
  Air flow:4500CMH      
  Fine protect metal mesh at one side      
  Initial resistance:40pa      
4 Pleated Prefilter pc 500  
  Size:490*592*46mm (W xH x D)      
  Frame: Cardboard      
  Fine protect metal mesh at one side      
  Initial resistance:40pa      
5 Pleated Prefilter pc 750  
  Size:287*592*46mm (W xH x D)      
  Frame: Cardboard      
  Fine protect metal mesh at one side      
  Initial resistance:40pa      
6 F6 Pocket filter,592*592*360mm,6pokets,Aluminum pc 200  
7 F6 Pocket filter,490*592*360mm,5pokets,Aluminum pc 484  
8 F6 Pocket filter,287*592*360mm,3pokets,Aluminum pc 484  
9 F6 Pocket filter,592*592*600mm,10pokets,Aluminum pc 484  
10 F6 Pocket filter,592*490*600mm,8pokets,Aluminum pc 484  
11 F6 Pocket filter,287*592*600mm,5pokets,Aluminum pc 100  
  Amount Based on FOB From Guangzhou China

Compact V cell filter

Aluminum plate Pleated Prefilter with double-protect net

F7 Pocket air filter(Europe Standard)

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