Clean room Clean Class Level Definition

Clean room clean class level definition: clean room clean class level of their main point unidirectional flow, non- unidirectional flow two ways.

Unidirectional flow (1-100 class):
1- 100 class clean room, organizations are using the one-way flow of air supply, clean indoor air that same section at any point, airflow direction and speed are consistent, This allows clean room air like “piston ", as indoor dust particles fastest away. To achieve the “piston " effect, HEPA filter needs full covered of room ceiling can be achieved only charge a one-way direction of airflow.

Non- unidirectional airflow (1000-100.000 class) clean room:
1000- 100.000 class airflow direction is different with above 100class clean room, indoor air is uneven parallel flow velocity was not accompanied by reflow or vortex , which mainly depends on the continuous flow of clean indoor air dilution , will gradually discharge DC high voltage generator indoor pollution , to achieve purification . achieve different purification level, mainly by the amount of air per unit time to the performance of the different.