Cleanroom HEPA ceiling Fan filter Unit FFU controller

Cleanroom HEPA ceiling Fan filter Unit FFU controller

The FFU user surely have a problem about FFU control, if the FFU itself with controller how hard to set it, need climp up to the ceiling and stay a narrow space to adjust air flow, switch it on/off, some company said their control system how good it is, can adjust air flow actually useless, because you don't want to climb such too high.

Then with a one class 100 clean room project that with totla 72units FFU project, our engineer have developed a fantastic FFU monitoring and management control system, with a control box built on your factory wall for easy operation.

That can devided into some area according to different demands, and the most importand is to control to each unit FFU, you can adjust the FFU unit which one you want, monitoring this FFU unit working status, before the most advanced is only control to Group, that mean this group all FFU units working status.

#The most important is the price such good imagine you#

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We pay lots for advanced R&D with simple aim is to make your clean room in perfect.
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