Six common reasons for not blowing of air shower booth

Six common reasons for not blowing of air shower booth 

The factory that uses the air shower sometimes will encounter the air shower room does not blow the phenomenon. When the air shower manufacturer fails to arrive in time to deal with the trouble on the spot, may refer to the following note to check the reason of air shower not blow:

1. First check whether the power supply switch and the emergency stop switch are on, if both reasons are not, check the circuit, whether the leakage switch is closed.
2. Whether the IC circuit board is configured to fuse the FUSE safety pipe, and if the fuse fuse is broken, the 4A should be replaced.
3. Check whether the fretting and optoelectronic switches are active, and if not, replace the fretting and optoelectronic switches.
4. If the AC contactor does not work, it will affect the blowing, need to replace the AC contactor.
5. If the circuit board can not output signal to AC contactor coil, it needs to replace IC circuit board.
6. No forced opening is allowed when the shower room is blowing. In case of emergency, stop by emergency switch.

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How can the air speed detected in the air shower room?

How can the air speed detected in the air shower room?

Many users are installing air shower room, do not know how to detect the wind speed of the air shower room. The most important performance item of the air shower is wind speed detection, which is the most important aspect.

There are no relevant design codes in the air shower room. The whole industry is relatively confusing. The major manufacturers are in their own affairs. The relevant departments are planning the uniform specification of the air shower room. It is estimated that the QS certification will not come out in the near future.

The problem of wind speed measurement in the air shower room is also the same as the general duct velocity measurement. The difference is that you are measuring far away from the nozzle location. For the wind shower room, it is better to calculate the wind speed by blowing the position to the human body.

Some manufacturers product quality defects, resulting in long-term use of wind leaching room is reduced, not up to clean the purpose of staff, we suggest that wind anemometer tool users can use the professional, the wind speed is very low (less than 18M/S) that cannot be used for manufacturers claim.


anlaitech GMP standard Laminar flow dispensing booth / sampling booth cl...

anlaitech Brand ISO14664-1 Standard Modular clean room


Fire-Resistant Modular Clean room

Fire-Resistant Modular Clean room

Fire-resistant cleanroom shown with FM 4910-listed transparent CPVC wall panels
For applications involving flammable liquids or gases, ANLAITECH 's modular clean room can be outfitted with components constructed of noncombustible materials to make the interior surfaces more fire-resistant.  In addition to steel paneling, ANLAITECH offers two types of plastic panels that have been Specification Tested according to FM 4910 Clean Room Materials Flammability Test Protocol for flame spread, smoke contamination and resistance to corrosives.

FM 4910-listed transparent CPVC panels offer greater strength and full visibility with a choice of a slight gray or blue tint

FM 4910-listed white polypropylene panels are resistant to a wider range of chemicals and are opaque for privacy

For more durable panels, choose either powder-coated steel or stainless steel
Material choices will replace all wall panels, blank ceiling panels, and door panels
Powder-coated steel frame and steel ceiling grid are inherently noncombustible and completely self-supported; no drop-ceiling required!

Modular construction features interchangeable components that can be easily configured to better control hazards and environmental concerns

Standardized 2’ x 4’ ceiling bays make it simple to add HEPA-filtered fan units as needed to meet ISO 5 – ISO 8 cleanroom classifications
Heavy duty, explosion-proof LED lighting, fan/filter units, fume hoods and power switches are also available

What is the standard basis of selecting different materials for air shower room?

What is the standard basis of selecting different materials for air shower room?

The clenbuterol, drainage oil, poisonous rice, sterilization of cucumber, pepper staining. Dutch act watermelon, the food industry is facing a serious credit crisis! Said hunger breeds discontentment, food to safety first! China in food safety, we give up trying never, then follow anlaitech to understand how to correctly choose the air shower room, and what standard in the selection of different material for air shower?

The first air shower room is for staff entering the clean room and non clean room must pass through the channel. Through the air shower room, a large number of dust particles can better and effectively remove people or goods brought by the import of clean room, so as to ensure cleanliness in clean room. So, how to choose the air shower room has become the majority of enterprises are facing difficult choices things; choose a good quality of the shower room is like buying a house, need to be very careful in reckoning. Here with your understanding of several aspects need to understand the selection of air shower room.

1 . Select the air shower suitable for use by the enterprise .
2 . The blowing form of the air shower room . ( single - blowing , three - blowing type )
3 . Control form of air shower room ( semi - automatic control , full - automatic control type )
4 . What is the number of people who need to go into the shower room .
5 . Materials of the air shower room .

Of course, the material selection of the air shower room is also the main factor that determines the price of the air shower room, so what are the materials of the air shower room?

The main materials of air shower room are: cold steel plate multi-layer acid washing electrostatic spraying, outside cold plate inside stainless steel, all stainless steel, etc. Stainless steel material is stronger acid and alkali resistance. Cold steel plate multi-layer acid washing electrostatic spraying such as not random flowers box and use site without strong acid and alkali is also more durable; If the use of wet or acid and alkaline gas to choose the full stainless steel shower room, conversely, can also choose the cold steel plate material of the air shower room. And need to know clearly how to control the air shower chamber circuit control panel.

The A3 cold plate multilayer pickling electrostatic spraying (commonly known as cold plate, stainless steel plate (SUS201), SUS304, SUS316, thickness of 0.8~1.5mm), usually the enterprise according to their own economic benefits, reduce the cost of the case will have the following kinds of collocation air shower box material: (specific reference:

1, all cold plate air shower room, inner bottom plate with nozzle and handle are stainless steel.
2, the stainless steel inside and outer cold plate air shower
3, inside, outside the box body adopts all stainless steel air shower room.

However , the door of air shower room is mainly composed of all glass and translucent window door , and the material can be divided into cold plate door or stainless steel door . The price of all stainless steel air shower room is slightly higher than that of all - cold plate air shower room , because the material cost of the whole stainless steel air shower room is higher.The whole stainless steel air shower room has high resistance to strong acidity , so the air shower manufacturers usually recommend that all stainless steel air shower rooms be selected when the site of the air shower enterprise , such as an acidic gas or a damp workshop environment , otherwise , the whole cold plate air shower room can be selected to reduce the cost .

Friendship tip: because the wind shower room is a non-standard product, each customer's requirements are different, we can according to each customer's workshop environment, installation location, workshop size and other conditions for you to tailor. Design the most appropriate solution for you.


The working principle of air shower (Photo Collection)

Air Shower working principle of common version: air filter through the prefilter, then through high pressure air shower machine will be pressed into the shower room by static pressure box, clean air filter 99.99%@0.3um filtered by a rotatable nozzle to spray from all directions the human body, so as to effectively and quickly remove dust particles, after the removal of the dust particles through the prefilter and HEPA filter return to the air shower room area again.

Air shower working principle of ANLAITECH PURIFICATION finishing version: the main working principle of air shower room is through the primary air filter and HEPA filter after blowing dust on the human body, that is to say the indoor air through the air shower filter by centrifugal fan pressure to the static pressure box, then through the effective filter after the clean air from the high speed from the air shower nozzle, the nozzle angle can be adjusted, which can effectively blow body or carry items attached to the surface of dust, dust blowing air circulation again through the primary filter and HEPA filter, in order to achieve the purpose of air shower. In fact, there is a major principle of physical adsorption of the dust by the filters that’s the main reason why air shower room can remove dust

A. The process of working principle of air shower chamber
The air shower room is electrified normally, and the touch screen enters the working state
Manually open the entrance door, at meantime the exit door lock-lights is on----personnel into the air shower room, close the entrance door-----when the photoelectric sensor sensing people, the air showering starts automatically according to the time set (time adjustable)---------the door lock at the exit automatically unravel after air shower is finished-------the personnel open the door at the exit place to leave the air shower room

B. According to the principle of making air shower instructions
1. air shower instructions:

1) on 380V, 50Hz (L1, L2, L3- power supply FireWire, N-zero line, E- ground), open the working and lighting switch, confirm the fan and light is working properly, at this time, air shower room is in the initial state, personnel can carry out normal operation
2 ) Access procedure : Put on anti - static clean clothes - open front door , personnel / goods enter - personal / cargo air shower room to start blowing , air speed up to 25m / s or more , ( the person is in the air shower area turn left and right for several times , so that the whole body is in the air shower), The electric lock works, front and back doors can not open - air shower room after 15 seconds after the automatic stop air shower(the initial setting of air shower time is set to 15 seconds , or automatically set by the user ), the front door electric lock works , the personnel / goods do not allow the front door to exit - open the back door , the person / goods exit - exit door process end

2) the procedure of Exit, opening the back door, people / goods entering-when exit, the personal / cargo air shower room does not blow, opens the front door directly, the person / goods exits the clean room-the process of exit is over

C. According to the principle of air shower to Standard the USE of air shower room:

1 . Before entering the air shower room : changing the clothes and shoes , confirm whether the air shower room is in the idle state through the window and the indicator light of the air shower room. If the air shower room is in the working state , please don not forced opening of the air shower door otherwise the air shower room door lock is damaged, after the air showering is completed , the indoor personnel leave , and the door lock can only enter two seconds later of the door is automatically closed .
2 . After entering the air shower room: pass directly through the photoelectric sensor, start blowing, please lift your hands up in the room and then rotate 360 degrees for showering

3. blowing out: after the air shower chamber fan stopped operation, after two seconds to open the door and leave the shower room

In the process of air shower, the front and back doors of the shower room are in lock state, insiders should not force open, lest damage the device and door lock, if met the emergency, please press the emergency stop switch, the air shower room will stop the work. The entrance and exit door is open at this time. During the idle period, the air shower door is in an electronic interlocking state. Only one side of the door can be opened. Please do not force to open the open

D. Matters needing attention in the operation of air shower room

1) when the personal / cargo air shower room is in the blowing state, it is strictly prohibited to open the door (until the shower stops blowing). In case of emergency, press the emergency switch to stop blowing and then open the door
2) after the personal / cargo air shower is electrified, the electronic interlock between the two doors is prohibited. When the door on one side is not completely closed, it is strictly prohibited to force the door on the other side.

3) The personal / cargo air shower room shall be operated by special personnel . After the spray nozzle is positioned , it is not easy to shift by the non - operating personnel .
4 ) The front door shall not be forcibly opened after the blowing is finished

E.  Maintenance of the air shower room

1) it is suggested that the filters be replaced timely(prefilter 3monthes, HEPA filter 6months), and the replacement cycle can be extended or shortened as the actual use is used.
2) Always wipe the personal / cargo air shower room and keep the internal cleaning

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