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Optical Products Clean room--LED Industrial Cleanroom Project

Optical Products clean room generally applicable to electronic instrumentation, computer, semiconductor plants, automotive, aerospace industry, lithography, micro machine manufacturing and other industries , in addition to air clean class level, but also to guarantee the achievement in addition to static requirements. The following represent the most modern LED industry as an example, photoelectric optical industry clean purification plant
LED purification plant engineering installation and construction Case Study: In this design, there is the end of some of the purification process of installing clean room, its purification cleanliness is generally one thousand or ten thousand or a hundred thousand grade purification clean room installation.

Backlit screen class cleanroom installation of these products are mainly press shop, assembly purification clean room, its cleanliness is generally ten thousand or one hundred thousand purification clean room.

LED indoor air clean room installation parameters required :
    1 ) Temperature and humidity requirements: temperature is generally 24 +2
, relative humidity of 55 +5%.
    2)  Large fresh air. As these purification clean room most are personnel, you can take the following should be the maximum value according to the following values: non- unidirectional flow clean room workshop purify total air volume 10-30 %; compensation indoor ventilation and keep the interior positive the amount of fresh air required pressure value; ensure indoor fresh air per person per hour of ≥ 40m3 / h.

   3)  Air volume supply. In order to meet the clean class level, the heat and humidity balance within the clean purification plant, require a larger air volume, on 300 square meters of workshops , ceiling height of 2.5 meters , if it is thousand grade purification clean room, air volume on need 300 × 2.5 × 30 = 22500m3 / h of air volume ( ACH is ≥ 25 times / h); If you are one hundred thousand purification clean room, air volume you need 300 × 2.5 × 20 = 15000m3 / h of air volume ( ventilation frequency is ≥ 15 times / h).





The Automatic Flat foam seamless sealing injection machine for Our HEPA filter

The Automatic Flat foam seamless sealing injection machine

With the development of the manufacturing and the continuous improvement of the product quality requirements , the traditional gasketsealing plate have been or are being replaced by sealant. Anlai latest introduction of automatic flat foam seamless sealing  injection machine compared with the traditional manual dispensing with the following features :

1.       卓越的密封性 Excellent sealing

The traditional manual affixed seal can not achieve 100% seamless sealing effect; but the flat foam can be completely seamless seal, foam sealing strip having superior softness, good elasticity, never deformation, not falling, environmental protection, beautiful appearance and other characteristics.

2.       精确的定位 Accurate positioning

The traditional manual seal affixed position is difficult to ensure, and the linearity is not good, appearance is not beautiful; but the foaming machine dedicated computer control and multi axis NC control system, can be efficient, accurate assurance the foaming position unity, after foaming tightness is excellent.


About The Laminar flow Cabinet(Curtain)Type

About The Laminar flow Cabinet(Curtain)Type

带垂帘超净工作台 The clean bench with curtain 

适用领域 Application:
Photoelectri city industry ,precision instruments ,pharmacy ,medicine, mirco-electrical,lab, science .

产品信息 Product information:
A kind of universal equipment. It adopts the vertical and level air flow , the material is stainless steel or cold rolled steel .The air 
flow can be adjusted,which can ensure the wind velocity.

标准配置 Standard configuration:electrical panel,  fluorescent light, HEPA filter, glass, wheel, curtain, manometer.

产品特点 Characteristic :
high-cleanliness( the highest degree can reach Class1) .It can be linke to the working line with lower noise and moveable capabiliyty .

贴心订制 Iniminate ordering :We can make the iniminate ordering for you according to any requirements. 

单人水平百级工作台    Clean bench with level airflow for one person 
小双人水平百级工作台  Small clean bench with level airflow for two person
大双人水平百级工作台  Big clean bench with level airflow for two person
单人垂直流百级工作台  Clean bench with vertical airflow for one person 
小双人垂直流百级工作台Small clean bench with vertical airflow for two person
大双人垂直流百级工作台Big clean bench with vertical airflow for two person

1 control panel
2 LED lamp
3 HEPA filter
4 glass
5 waterproof three holes socket
6 pre-filter
7 fan
8 wheel
9 underprop

10 curtain

Foreign trade Sales Clerk Exams-Air Filters

Foreign trade Sales Clerk Exams-Air Filters
Name:                           Points:
B. Air filter products fill in the blank in English, 2 points each space.
1) Air Filters overall divided into: (          ) (          ) (          ) (          )
2) Please list efficiency of below air filter:
Primary Air Filter
Secondary Air filter
HEPA air filter
ULPA air filter
3) Cited three different styles of HEPA filter           ) (          ) (          )
4) Cited three kinds frame material of Mini-pleated HEPA filter (       ) (       ) (       )
5) There separator materials of HEPA filter with Clapboard: ( ) ( )
6) Efficiency bag filter another English Name: