How many Do you know about nozzles of industrial Cleanroom air shower?

How many Do you know about nozzles of industrial Cleanroom air shower?

Air shower room as dust removal equipment not less in industrial production, its use has been very extensive, but in today's article for you to some of the design and use of these air shower nozzle to introduce the basic situation, we have a look at today's vents.

1, air shower nozzle design materials

1.1, The materials of air shower nozzles must have the corrosion resistance, and easy molding;
1.2, When using aluminum to comply with the GB5237;
1.3, When using the steel to meet GB11253.

2, air shower nozzle design requirements

2.1, The decorative surface color to be consistent;
2.2, the blade pitch size deviation of not more than 1mm;
2.3, air decorative surface has no obvious scratch, indentation;
2.4, the curvature of the blade is 3/1000mm, the parallel degree is 4/1000mm;
2.5, determine the air in the standard test conditions rated air flow and a range of values;
2.6, air moving parts required to operate freely, not stuck, loose phenomenon;
2.7, the air in the neck of the speed is 6m/s, the total pressure loss of equipment can not exceed 100Pa;
2.8, air interface joint decoration on the surface of aluminium material should not exceed 0.15mm, other materials not exceeding 0.2mm.

3.The basic classification of the nozzle three, air shower room.

3.1, louver: square, rectangular, round;
3.2, the diffuser: circular, square, rectangular, circular etc.;
3.3: circular, rectangular, nozzle, spherical etc.;
3.4, the special air inlet, outlet, chair: lamps, grille and air outlet hole;
3.5, slot outlet: single slot, and a plurality of slots.

On the three aspects above we provide you a detailed analysis of the specifications and requirements of the air shower nozzle, these seemingly simple knowledge is in our actual operation process is very important, the general air shower nozzle quality will also affect the wind effect, because this is the understanding and very important to grasp this knowledge.

Anlaitech--We are professional in clean room air shower manufacturing,the standard nozzles of air shower specifications:
1. Stainless steel 304 made which is corrosion resistance, and easy molding.
2.Round type