Clean Room Automation Concept

Currently, injection drug Association (PDA) as the representative to agencies are actively promoting clean room and laboratory automation environments, thus completely eliminating the need for manual operation, the experiment paperless monitoring. In the clean room, a clear recommendation on the sampling point as quickly as possible to complete the automation of the collection . The following is a PDA- EM manual recommends :

"…by clean room touch pad and computer is automatically sent the terminal data to the clean room ."
" The program involves the need for manual data collection , data must be collected through a portable product to download data directly to a computer system in order to achieve the direct transmission of data , there is no risk of contamination ."

In the laboratory , the report also advocates automation , the following is recommended that EM manual :

"Analysis environmental data and Development Trend is the core to descript the process stability and evaluation of the overall control performance ."
EM report must be "…accurate , traceable , timely and have a good file backup file .”

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We are dedicated on clean room Ffu(fan filter HEPA unit), because we have a brave heart!

We are dedicated on clean room Ffus(fan filter HEPA unit), because we have a brave heart!

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