Air Shower Tunnel Simple Introductions Save the Time for your Clean Room

Chinese Name: 风淋通道
Application: Industrial clean room entrance facilities
Nickname: ​​Air shower
1 Introduction
2 Works
3 Main features
Facilities Role
5 Air Shower tunnel configuration
6 Troubleshooting

1 Introduction
Air shower tunnel is clean plant and ancillary clean room equipment for blowing the
surface dust of attached to the body and belongings before entering clean area, at the same time play the role as an airlock room to prevent unpurified air into the clean area. It is purify the material and equipment to prevent effective outdoor air pollution the clean area, versatility, with all the clean room and supporting the use of clean room. Air shower tunnel decontamination area suitable for large enterprises.

Nickname: Air shower (AIR SHOWER ROOM), clean room air shower, clean air shower, clean air shower room, air shower clean room, air shower doors, air dust blowing room, air shower channel, air shower tunnel, air shower passage

2 Works
Air inside Air shower tunnel by the fan's role filtered by the primary filter into the plenum, then through HEPA air filters, the clean air spray out from the air shower room high-speed nozzles, nozzle angle can be adjusted, effectively clean the dust of people or carry items attached to the surface of dust, blowing dust into the primary air filters, so the cycle can achieve the purpose of the clean air shower.

3 Main features
1 , the use of more appropriate clean room principle arc angle design
2, the system automatically control operation, two-door electronic interlocking, and a photoelectric sensor. Once door closed infrared sensor automatically blowing leaching, two door automatically locked during showering, only go out from the air shower exit door;
3, the overall production of cold-rolled steel , the outer surface electrostatic spray
4, door, floor base, nozzles are made ​​of stainless steel , nice
5. Touch soft keys time relay , LED display and setting air showering time, the range of 10-99s adjustable( PLC control system is available);
6, using the pre-filter, high level filtration system with HEPA filter, filtration efficiency : 99.99% , to ensure the purification level
7, the air nozzle outlet winds of up to 25m/s or more, blowing wind speed on the human body 18m/s or more.
8, using EVA sealing material , high sealant performance
9 , the use of imported electronic components, reliable performance
10, with stainless steel multi-angle adjustable nozzle, double volute winds of low noise external rotor fan, surface wind speed is greater than 25m/s;
11 , advanced noise reduction device system mute .
12 , modular design, assembly, transportation is very convenient
13, single-chip microprocessor controller , intelligent voice prompt system , automatic air shower at the time by the control system voice prompts people to have the order to complete the blowing dust leaching process.
14, LED display can indicate showering time, and working status.
15 , infrared photoelectric sensor switch control air shower, avoid unmanned air blowing.

4 Facilities Role
Air shower tunnel is personal purification device to enter the clean room use. It uses high-speed blow clean air into the room to get rid of people who poured the dirt. Its nozzle can be adjusted in order to effectively remove dust from humans and prevent outside contamination entering the clean area. It can also be applied to large cargo air shower .

Personal / cargo shower is necessary equipment for human / cargo entering and leaving the clean room and simultaneously play the role of a sealed gas chamber clean room.
In order to reduce the human / cargo attached large number of dust particles, air filtered through HEPA filter then clean air through injection nozzle can be rotated in all directions, effectively and rapid removal of dust particles, dust particles after clearing and then from the primary filter, after the HEPA filtered recirculated into the air shower area.

In order to achieve the best results blow shower, the personal / cargo shower nozzle outlet design wind speed can reach 25m/s or more, blowing wind humans minimum 18m/s, the initial air shower time factory set to 10 seconds .

Air shower tunnel provides a modular assembly, it can be assembled into the actual needs of the air shower size of various lengths.

5 Air shower tunnel configuration

4. Troubleshooting
(1) Fan unable to start
check the power plug is plugged in
check whether the E-top switch is pressed (E-stop switch on the outside of the cabinet)
confirm the above two are normal still unable to start, please contact with our company
(2) Air shower unable to showering
check whether the E-top switch on the control panel is pressed, such as emergency stop light is red then do not showering, press the emergency stop button will be ok
check whether the front door is in a closed state, the front door is not closed under good conditions then does not showering
check to see if standing in the sensing area. Again pass through sensing area can be ok.
(3) Lighting the lamp is not lit
check whether the lamp is damaged, if so , please replace the lamp.
Please check the lighting key on the control panel is pressed, such as light indicator is not on, lights are also not lit, press the light button will be ok
(4) Air shower low wind speed
check the voltage is lower than the rated voltage of the fan
if the air shower has been used for a period, check whether the filter is dirty enough need replaced.
(primary filter replaced generally 1-6 months, HEPA filter replaced usually 6-12 months )

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