12 Units Stainless steel air shower room exported to IRAQ with BV certificateds

12 Units Stainless steel air shower room exported to IRAQ BV certificateds

The most famouse pharmaceutical industrial had bought 12 units air showers from Anlaitech, and laminar flow dispensing booth(LAF) for their clean room producing plant, is to protect products in good quality and LAF most to protect workers health.

Customzer Mr Gazi had take a visit our factory and stay with us for 1week to discuss about this order, to check the quality, producing capacity and service about our company, Mr Gazi had reported details to his boss. 
except that we had also meet with some problem and then we final we had get it done.
Thanks for Mr Gazi with paitent, and our engineer good suggestion.

Anlaitech with high quality air shower and laminar flow booth and gain the BV certificates for them.
If you interesting about our air shower room please kindly contact with us below:
skype: wangvanlu