The difference between the clean room and clean booth(Modular clean room)

More and more customer prefer easy installed clean booth(Modular clean roo, softwall clean room as named) for cost saving, to keep a clean area space.
Then Anlaitech company engineer would take more information about clean booth to share, if any professional in clean room trade, we would much appreciated your comments !
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The difference between the clean room and clean booth(Modular clean room)


1. Clean booth material :

Framework of clean booth generally three types:50*50/50*80/50*100 stainless steel square but, iron with epoxy powder coated in square tube , 40*40 aluminum.
The top shelf material of clean booth generally four types: stainless steel plate, cold rolled steel spray epoxy, anti -static air curtain, (anti-static ) acrylic plate .
Airflow Supply Parts, the general choice FFU laminar flow hood (FFU laminar flow air supply unit )
Walls of clean booth materials generally include: anti-static air curtain, ( anti-static ) acrylic plate.

2.Clean booth purification level of choice:

More customers will choose 1000class clean booth(Modular clean room), or 10000class clean booth, a small number of customers will choose one hundred or ten thousand clean class clean booth. In short , clean booth-level choices depends on customers requirements, but relatively clean booth sealed closed, such as when selecting clean booth level is relatively low, often bring some side effects : insufficient cooling capacity, staff feel more hot in the clean booth, so the actual and the customer communication process , need to pay attention to this point.

3. The cost of the clean room and clean booth comparison:

Overall, most customers will built clean booth in the clean room, but some customers do not want to build a clean room, clean booth does not consider air conditioning system and air shower room, pass box these cleaning equipment, etc. the cost of clean booth is about 40% to 60% of the clean room cost, also depending on the customer 's choice of clean booth material, as well as the size of the clean booth. The larger the area needs, with a clean room cost difference will be smaller compared.

4. clean booth advantages:

A. Construction fast, easy installation
B. low cost , easy maintenance
C. easy to control , FFU each comes with fan;

5. clean booth drawbacks:

A. because of the extensive use of FFU air filtration units , so clean booth noise may be relatively large ;
B. FFU own fans, to maintain high frequency, but most clean room choose FFU own fans instead of HEPA filter box also maintain high frequency;
C. due to space airflow supply , clean shed inside will often feel hot ;
D. If not clean booth built in the clean room, due to the lack of protection in effect filter, high efficiency filter life compared with the clean room, will be shortened, the higher the cost of long-term use.

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